Five thousand pieces of LED batten finished production

We completed the production and packaging of 5,000 pieces LED batten lights in April. The entire batch of lamps used Osram power supplies and SMD2835 source with standard 120lm/W luminous efficiency. Divided into ON/OFF version and emergency version. In order to meet the needs of end users, we also customized a batch of DALI Dimming products. We conducted 24 hours aging test after production and we have strictly controlled the quality of full production process including each raw material inpection.

We have strong ability to produce custom-made specifications, design, lable and package.

If you have inquiries or projects require unconventional product or design please feel free to contact with us, we are glad to provide solutions as possible as we can and become your reliable partner in China.

Eastrong Sales Team

led batten production 2led batten production


Post time: Apr-24-2020