New colleagues participate in Alibaba training

alibaba train

Our Team

Alibaba is a positive group. After one week of training, we fully feel the attitude and atmosphere of Alibaba people working happily and living seriously. During the training, all our trainees actively participated and studied hard. During the training process, there is a competition mechanism. It is an honor. At the end of the training, our group's performance ranked first. Although this first place does not represent too much, it can fully demonstrate our teamwork spirit during the training. This also gave me a reminder that in the future work, there should be a spirit of teamwork in order to do better work.

During the training, they met a large group of foreign trade friends, and there were a small number of students who had been successful in foreign trade. Through training, they determined their most practical target orders, and they also had some preliminary plans. Through the  guidance of the teachers of the Departure College, I am sure that in the future work, the new colleagues will definitely work hard for the company and for themselves. Life is a long-term competition. Foreign trade is a long-term business. It takes time and patience. I believe that new colleagues will have a better tomorrow on the road to foreign trade.


alibaba training


Post time: Sep-12-2020