Advantages of LED batten lights compared to traditional halogen lights

Compared with ordinary incandescent or halogen lamps, traditional fluorescent lamps, LED batten lights have obvious advantages:.

1.Super energy saving: (save 90% of electricity bill, 3~5 LED lights on, ordinary electricity meter does not rotate!) 

2. Super long life: (9-10 times that of ordinary incandescent and halogen lamps)

3. Ultra-low heat (lamp cup surface temperature of about 60 degrees, ordinary lamps heat up extremely high, spotlights lit, touch it will be hot off a piece of skin! (Shop replaced with LED lights, the effect of summer air conditioning will be very good oh) 

4. Beautiful and generous: (LED appearance novel, installed in the home, shop, not on the light is also a decorative object)

5. Super environmental protection: no radiation, no strobe (low-voltage constant-current drive power supply, light brightness is always the same, there will be no flicker, no UV, no electromagnetic waves)

LED Tube Light-2

Overview of the advantages of LED batten light:

1. High quality SMD light-emitting chips, remarkable energy saving.

The light source of each LED batten adopts high quality imported light-emitting SMD chip 3528 lamp beads, instead of ordinary low-cost, low-quality straw hat piranha light-emitting diodes. the luminous efficiency of LED under existing conditions is >90lm/w. the actual efficiency of the lamps is 2.5~3.5 times that of general fluorescent lamps, 8-10 times that of ordinary incandescent bulbs, and 3-4 times that of high-pressure sodium lamps. With the rapid increase of LED brightness, the luminous efficiency reaches 160lm/w, 400W sodium lamp will be replaced by 100W LED lamp. LED adopts high reliable advanced packaging technology, fully guarantee the super long life of LED, the light source life can reach more than 50,000 hours.

2. Excellent light distribution design.

Reasonable control of light distribution ensures ideal light brightness and uniformity, while eliminating LED glare, reducing the glare caused by bad glare, visual fatigue and visual interference, fully embodies the spirit of "technology is people-oriented", and makes the LED light energy utilisation to the maximum, no light pollution. The fully translucent version uses a spiral light-transmitting lampshade to guarantee maximum lighting quality and efficiency.

LED Tube Light-3

3. Intelligent constant-current power supply.

Each LED module is intelligently controlled to ensure accurate constant current regardless of any abnormal conditions, ensuring that the LEDs work at a safe current.

4. Good thermal-conductivity design.

All-metal aluminium shell, aluminium substrate fully and effectively dissipate heat. Instead of the market fiber board, PC tube simple heat dissipation, the efficient thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy, effectively ensure the LED lamp heat dissipation requirements and service life. At the same time make the product more tight and beautiful.

5. Unique integrated design of lens and lampshade.

The lens distance array quantifies the light gathering design, and at the same time plays a protective role, avoiding the repeated waste of light, reducing light loss, and also reducing the weight of the product, making the product structure simpler and making the product lighter and thinner.

Unique integrated design of lens and lampshade

6. No high pressure, no dust absorption, no high temperature, the lampshade will not age and yellow.

Eliminates the brightness reduction caused by the blackening of the lampshade due to high pressure and dust absorption, and eliminates the brightness reduction and life shortening caused by the ageing and yellowing of the lamp due to high temperature baking.

7. No delay in starting.

No need to wait and strobe, eliminating the loss of lighting equipment caused by the long start time of traditional fluorescent lamps, LED fluorescent tubes without black head at both ends, improving the brightness of lighting.

8. resistant to stamping and shock resistance no ultraviolet (uv) and infrared (ir) radiation

No filament and glass casing, no problem of traditional lamp breakage, no harm to human body and no radiation.

9. A variety of colour temperature shades are available for selection, with high colour rendering index and good colour rendering.

It eliminates the hypnotic and depressing emotions caused by the low colour temperature of sodium lamps and the high colour temperature of mercury lamps, and makes the user more comfortable.

10. No pollution to the grid.

Power factor >0.9, harmonic distortion <20%, EMIt meets global targets, reduces power loss in transmission lines and avoids high frequency interference pollution to the grid.

Post time: Sep-20-2022