Batten Lights

Batten Lights

Browse our selection for a high-quality LED batten light. This type of lighting is perfect for indoors as they are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Because they are so versatile you can use them for different indoor spaces. You can light up any indoors and create amazing pathways or light up isles or corridors for maximum performance and optimal distribution of light.

Our batten lights are a perfect replacement for fluorescent lighting as they are long-lasting, they will help you cut down on your electrical bills and they are environment-friendly. This type of sustainable and great-looking lighting is definitely a future for all of us.


What is an LED Batten Light?

LED batten light that has integrated LED tubes are the best solution for direct lighting in homes and commercial spaces across Australia today. Installing them is incredibly easy and they offer quality lighting and are extremely economical. They are also a modern substitute for fluorescent tube fixtures as LED lights offer many more benefits.

The benefits of LED batten lights are many compared to fluorescent fixtures. They are:

  • Lightweight and have a slimline which provides a fantastic and stylish look
  • Inexpensive
  • Eco-friendly

You can replace your fluorescent lighting with our high-quality batten lights and experience all the benefits of LED lighting. They are very easy to install as they are very lightweight and you’ll need just a couple of screws that can be clipped on and off with precision and ease. They can also be individually connected toa power supply or in line with each other. This makes them fantastic for supermarket aisles and corridors.

We offer different lengths, color temperature, and wattage.


Why Choose an LED Batten Light?

An LED batten can effectively illuminate large spaces. They are long-lasting and very versatile. They are fantastic lighting solutions and very popular for office spaces, warehouses, factories, supermarkets and other commercial spaces as they provide bright and focused lighting with a smaller monthly electrical bill.
Although some people still prefer fluorescent batten lights, LED battens have many more benefits. LED tubes use 50% less power and last about five times longer than regular fluorescent tubes. Their performance is unparalleled as they have optimal brightness. They are also much safer and good for the environment, unlike fluorescent tubes that contain mercury.
They have been proven over and over again as a perfect replacement for old fluorescent lights as they are very energy efficient. An LED batten light will save you money and time. They are a stylish solution for many different commercial indoor spaces such as corridors, storage areas, aisles, car parks and many more.
At Eastrong Lighting we offer different types of LED tubes with different color options, lengths and designs that will suit your space. We offer different wattage, different styles of batten lights that are great for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll be able to subtly and effectively lighten up your space at affordable prices.


What to Look for in an LED Batten Light

LED has come a long way since the first technologies. Today an LED batten light has plenty of different options and is proven to be the perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent lights. They are slim in looks but have optimum brightness. Our collection can offer a fantastic look to any commercial space. They are lightweight, slim and offer a clean and stylish look to every indoor space.
Our batten lights are very practical, easy to install and have wide beam angles. There are a few things you can consider before investing in one of our high quality LED batten lights. You should consider:

  • IP rating - this refers to whether the light is suitable for indoors or outdoors.
  • Integrated LED - if one of your battens dies you can practically throw it out so buy high quality LED battens only from brands like Domus Lighting.
  • Size - A batten light comes in various sizes, so be sure to check what size is going to suit you best.
  • Color temperature - this is crucial when installing them. In garages, car parks, workshops, kitchens, etc. look for a minimum of 5000k as this light will keep the brain alert and active. For ambiance of a traditional set up look for 3000k to 4000k.

Post time: Dec-23-2020