Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Final Time Announced

10.10 - 13, 2020

gz international lighting exhibition

The only large-scale exhibition in the lighting industry

Q: This year, GILE is of great significance to the lighting industry. As the first large-scale exhibition of the lighting industry this year, what impact and significance does the holding of GILE have on the industry's recovery and development?

GILE may be the only large-scale exhibition in the lighting industry in China and even the world this year, so I think this year’s exhibition is of extraordinary significance to the lighting industry as a whole. It will become a weather symbol for the economic recovery of the lighting market and hope for the industry. And the only focus.

How to show our product technology and corporate strength, obtain business opportunities and restore the economy in this exhibition is particularly important and critical to the development of our industry and each company. This year, as the organizer, we are determined to work hard with the enterprise and the industry together. By building an exhibition platform, help companies resume work and production as soon as possible after the epidemic, restore orders and buyer confidence, restore the normal operation of the market, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on enterprises.

 National Day is the best choice

Q: This year's exhibition is scheduled to be from September 30th to October 3rd. Many exhibitors have questions about this: Why choose during the National Day holiday?

We are eagerly looking forward to the end of the epidemic as soon as possible; but we are also eager to start as soon as possible to help companies restore the economy and orders.

Therefore, while minimizing the impact of the epidemic, restoring the lighting market economy as soon as possible to ensure the scale and effect of the exhibition is the best choice after discussion and careful consideration with various industries.

 The focus and hope of the industry will focus on this

Q: At present, the overseas epidemic is still serious, and the domestic epidemic is still under prevention and control. What is the foreseeable impact on this year's exhibition? How to ensure the effect of the exhibition?

During the SARS period that year, GILE was postponed once, but the number of viewers did not decrease, but set a new high. As for the Guangzhou International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition held in June of this year, although the epidemic has not ended, its popularity is extremely hot.

Since June, major exhibitions have been launched one after another. During the period to October, mature operating experience and prevention and control measures will be formed. I believe that the epidemic will also be better controlled by then. And this time GILE is held in response to the industry's eager expectation and inevitable demand for market recovery. The economy that has experienced previous repression, when the epidemic improves and the prevention and control measures are appropriate, the market may rebound. So this year's GILE will not only not be unpopular, but will increase its popularity, because this is the only lighting exhibition this year, and the focus and hope of the entire lighting industry will be focused on this.

 Common belief, common direction

Q: The theme of the 2020 exhibition will be "same". How do you interpret this "same"?

On the one hand, "tong" represents a common belief. It is expected that the exhibition will work together with the industry, with a common belief in the industry, in the current challenges, turn adversity into motivation, give more value to the "light" and bring more business opportunities. Relying on industry support, the exhibition will last forever and become the best platform for industry information sharing, exchange of innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies. We continue to work with industry players to thrive on the lighting road and create more legends.

On the other hand, "tong" also represents the common direction of progress. Just as the development of the lighting industry spans a century, the luminescence of lamps and lanterns brings light, warmth and hope to people, and it is the belief and persistence of people that promote all of this. With the same heart that loves the industry, they work silently and pass Continuous R&D and innovation breakthroughs have created infinite possibilities of "light". We have gone all the way, from the initial pursuit of artificial light sources, to today's new lighting that integrates advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, optical communications and big data analysis. . From tungsten lamps, energy-saving lamps to LEDs to interconnected lighting, the pace of improving life experience has never stopped.

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Post time: Sep-10-2020