New Arrival-270 degree wide beam angle LED vapor light

led triproof light

Product features:

·       Can be used as hospitality lighting. Suitable for illumination of bathroom, kitchen, utility room, bedroom, entryway, hallway, closet, dining hall, lobby, corridor, office, workshop, and garage.

·       Multi-function: On/Off, microwave motion sensor, emergency

·       Multiple installations: Suspended, wall mount, and ceiling surface mount installation.

·       All mounting accessories (brackets, screws, role plug) are included.

·       Beam angle: 270°

·       Wattage: 25W, 36W, 45W, 60W

·       Multiple input voltages: 180-264V

·       Suitable for use in -25°C to 40°C ambient temperatures.

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Post time: Aug-31-2022