The importance of quality lighting and night preservation

High quality outdoor lighting is a joint responsibility of lighting designers, owners and operators of
lighting installations and lighting manufacturers.

1. Make a proper lighting design
a. Select the appropriate light sources, taking a broader perspective beyond initial cost
and energy efficiency
b. Include requirements for special areas where applicable
c. Apply relevant outdoor lighting application standards while avoiding over lighting

2. Use good quality lighting controls
a. Use sensors and controls where possible
b. Use connected lighting for light management and maintenance

3. Use light only where needed
a. Use shielding and aim the light beam where needed to avoid light spill and light
b. Use appropriate luminaire optics to limit glare

4. Use light only when needed
a. Use electric light between sunset and sunrise consistent with human nighttime
b. Dim or extinguish electric lighting during the quiet hours

Note. The Global Lighting Association (GLA) is the voice of the lighting industry on a global basis. GLA
shares information on political, scientific, business, social and environmental issues of relevance to
the lighting industry and advocates the position of the global lighting industry to relevant
stakeholders in the international sphere. See MELA is an associate member of the GLA.

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