We help customer to do Cloud-QC online

Due to the impact of the global epidemic, with the rapid development of the network and the development of the live model, a lot of work is now done through the online network, including the current exhibition has been moved to the online, we also completed a cloud quality inspection for our customers recently. According to the customer’s quality inspection requirements and schedule, we cooperated with the customer to complete the remote quality inspection by taking pictures and videos. Although we are in different countries, thousands of miles apart, we also hope that in this way our customers will be more at ease with our work and products. The customer is very satisfied with this cloud quality inspection, and also expresses great gratitude to our cooperation. Although this is the first online quality inspection and it took a long time, we believe that such work will become more convenient and smooth in the future.

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No matter where you are, Cloud-QC will bring us closer!

Eastrong Sales Team

eastrong sales team

Post time: May-20-2020