China Clean Room Lighting Emerges

The development of the lighting appliance industry has shown two very significant features. The first feature is that after the popularity of LED light sources, the two segments of light sources and lamps are becoming more and more integrated, and the second feature is that lighting products are becoming more and more subdivided according to application areas.

We traditionally often divide luminaires into indoor and outdoor use luminaires, with different requirements in terms of application environment and product standards, but this is rather crude. Also for indoor luminaires, there are different environmental conditions and application requirements for domestic use, commercial and office use and industrial use, so it is necessary to design and manufacture products according to the actual application scenario. The same is true of the industrial manufacturing environment, where different industries such as machinery, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food …… all have many very differentiated needs, and so the lighting industry is bound to be refined by user demand.

Professor Yang of Suzhou Industrial Lighting Engineering Technology Centre introduced the centre, which is mainly engaged in technical research work in the field of industrial lighting, but the real research topic with international influence is actually clean room lighting. The so-called Clean Room, also known as a clean room or clean room, has the main function of controlling the level of contaminants in the room and providing a clean environment for scientific research and precision manufacturing, which is also an important technological basis for modern manufacturing.

Suzhou Industrial Lighting Engineering Technology Centre has been established for more than ten years, replacing a series of scientific research achievements in the field of industrial lighting, especially clean room lighting, many of which have been published internationally on behalf of the Chinese Lighting Society, not only promoting the development of clean room technology in China, but also fighting for the honour of industrial lighting research in China.

clear room panel light

According to Professor Yang, cleanroom technology is now widely used in many fields such as electronics and microelectronics, aerospace and precision manufacturing, biomedicine and food and beverage, healthcare and scientific experiments, etc. They not only require the lamps to meet the general requirements of the lighting industry, but also the material, structure and light distribution to meet the requirements of the use environment. In particular, the maintenance management of clean rooms is extremely demanding, and the maintenance of lamps and light sources will lead to clean room pollution, so the requirements for reliability are also very high.

When it comes to the status of China’s cleanroom lighting in the international arena, Professor Yang was very proud to introduce to us that China’s lighting industry has always had the criticism of being big but not strong in the international arena, especially in the field of industrial lighting is difficult to enter high-end applications, but in the field of cleanroom lighting, China is now in an advanced international position, with Zhuohui Optoelectronics as the representative of China’s cleanroom lighting companies have emerged, both the level of technology and quality control, can fully meet the needs of all kinds of cleanroom projects.

Post time: Jul-04-2022