LED Tube Light OR LED Panel Light, Which is better for offices & workplaces?

For office & workplaces, LED lighting has become the best lighting solution for its cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and long span life. Among many types of LED lighting products available, the LED tube light and LED panel light are the most suitable and most popular choices. But you can choose the best from the two kinds of lights and this is why this article is going to explain the difference between LED tube lights and LED panel lights. Let’s clarify any confusion you may have about the two fixtures.


The Characteristics and Advantages of LED Tube Light

You can choose the LED tube light from many LED products designed to replace old T8 lamps. LED tube lights are lighter than other bulbs and are easy to install. They are less expensive and consume less power than other lamps. LED tube lights are filled with non-toxic gas that will not generate harm to the human body and negative impacts on the environment. And they always provide clear, smooth and stable illumination. The 15W LED tube lights can replace the 32W T8, T10 or T12 lamps, which improves efficiency by 50%. These LED tube lights have a long working life of 50,000 hours, which is 55 times longer than other lamps. LED tube lights use drivers that power the LED. Some drivers are integrated into the LED tube, and some are equipped at the external of the light, depending on the manufacturer. Users can choose from the two kinds of driver designs according to their specific applications. To meet people’s requirement for easier fitting to existing lighting fixtures, LED tube lights are designed into a plug-and-play version and are convenient to install without removing existing ballasts. Despite the high cost of installation, it is still a worthwhile investment in the long run.



1. LED tube lights are more energy-efficient (save electricity by up to 30-50%).

2. LED tube lights are eco-friendly and recyclable.

3. LED tube lights contain no mercury and will not produce UV/IR radiation.

4. LED tube lights are engineered and constructed with high regard for quality, safety and endurance. 

5. LED tube lights have a high brightness output while keeping very low heat output.

6. Most LED tube lights have been designed with a shatterproof coating. However, with linear fluorescent, one had to either order a specific shatterproof fluorescent lamp or utilize a tube guard which can be very costly.

7.For many areas like offices, corridors and car parks, vertical illumination that the LED tube light delivers is important to see someone’s face and read a notice board. 


The Characteristics and Advantages of LED Panel Light

But today, LED surface mount device panels are becoming more popular in modern communities. They are often used for office lighting. The LED panel light can produce full-spectrum light. Typical sizes for conventional fluorescent lights are 595*595mm, 295*1195mm, 2ft * 2ft and 2ft * 4ft, which are related to the size of common recessed ceiling panels. We can easily replace fluorescent lamps by mounting LED panel lights directly into the aluminium troffer. We can also create multiple power and brightness configurations by changing the density of the LED stripes. If properly designed, the LED panel light can replace fluorescent lamps that consume twice as much as energy. For example, a 40-watt LED panel light can replace three 108-watt T8 fluorescent lamps, which means producing the same effect while saving 40% in electricity bills.



1. LED panel lights can be flexibly designed. A variety of different shapes and lengths are available for LED panel lights according to the application requirements.

2. LED panel lights deliver bright and uniform light.

3. LED panel lights produce less heat dissipation than other lights.

4. LED panel lights are easy to control. Users can regulate the light colour by an external controller.

5. LED panel lights can change or adjust the light colour according to the environment and different needs.

6. LED panel lights don’t produce any radiation and glare that do harm to the eyesight of people.

7. Most of the LED panel lights give the choice to regulate the strength of the light which means user can benefit from even soft, eye friendly mild light and avoid the cruel, unpleasant light at any time if needed.

Post time: Feb-12-2021