What is a LED batten light fitting?

LED batten light fitting comes in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of different settings, depending on requirements.

Batten fittings typically house one or two tube lights and are commonly used public areas such car parks, toilets and train stations. These versatile units are popular because of their durability, long lifespan and ease of maintenance, as well as providing a good light output.

Public places such as car parks often require robust, enclosed lighting units as they can not only be subject to wear and tear from elements like weather and vandalism, but also provide safety. As a result, batten fittings are perfect for these types of installs.

Traditional fluorescent tube lights generate heat and are hot to touch – anyone who has tried to change a traditional halogen light bulb at home once is has been on for a while is testament to this, and as you can imagine exposure is not ideal.

Furthermore, fluorescent tube lights are often made from glass, which again, is hazardous to have in public places for the exposure of broken glass when damaged.

New LED technology

The newest technology in LED batten lights, feature no tubes at all. Batten fittings use surface mounted diode (SMD) chips on a aluminum board. This way of generating light is a more effective way for battens for a number of reasons:

  1. Less heat emitted
    90% of energy produced by LEDs is converted to light ensuring minimal energy is wasted generating heat. This means they are 90% efficient making them much more energy efficient than halogen or fluorescent lights.
  2. Directional and focused beam of light
    The SMD’s are mounted to the underside of the light, thus emitting light in one direction. This ensures maximum light is outputted with minimal power consumption. Tube lights emit light 360º wasting light.
  3. No flicker / Instant on
    LED’s are instant on and do not flicker. Fluorescent lights are notoriously known to flicker and take a while to reach full power. Motion sensors and other lighting controls are hardly ever used with fluorescent lights because of this.
  4. Energy saving
    Because of the high efficiency of LED output as well as control on the beam angle, the use of light is better distributed.On average, using LED over fluorescent, you can get the same light output with just 50% of the energy consumption.

Ease of Installation

Another reason for batten fittings popularity is the ease of installation. Fitted by chain or bracket or fixed to a surface, often a few screws is all that is needed.

The lights themselves can be linked to each other with ease or connected to a power supply like a house light.

LED battens, come with a long lifespan, typically anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 hours, meaning they can last years without any need for maintenance or replacements.

About our T8 batten fitting

Eastrong’s range of LED batten fittings are highly durable and robust units, backed by great features and and use components by top brands in the market.


  • Epistart SMD Chips
  • Osram driver
  • IK08
  • IP20
  • 50,000 hr lifespan
  • 120lm/W


  • 5 year warranty
  • Low maintain cost

Post time: Dec-02-2020