Why more and more people choose LED batten light?

LED batten lights are rapidly replacing dated fluorescent tube technology in retail, commercial and industrial applications, as well as residential installations like garages and utility rooms. Their principal advantages are significantly lower power consumption and longer life spans. The Eastrong IP20 & IP65 batten lights provide some other compelling advantages too.

The advantages of LED batten light

Just as fluorescent tubes replaced incandescent light bulbs because they were far more energy-efficient, replacing fluorescent batten lights with LED batten fittings will yield substantial energy savings.

For example, T8 is one of the most widely used fluorescent tubes, often replacing T12s in large areas because of its greater energy-efficiency.

Yet run 100 typical T8 fluorescent lamps in your warehouse for a year and you would be looking at an energy bill of £26,928 (based on a rate of 15p per kWh). Compare that figure with exactly the same number of Eastrong’s equivalent LED fittings, run for the same period at the same rate: the bill would be just £6180.

Eastrong LED IP65 anti-corrosive battens provide market-leading efficiency by a significant margin. In fact, our 1200mm 1500mm and 1800mm single provides standard 120 lm/W. This compares with an industry average of just 112 lm/W or less. Indeed, no manufacture offers superior efficiency in any size. So if you are looking for energy-efficiency across the board, you never need to look further than Eastrong Lighting.

These savings are substantial and not ones you could replicate with competitor products.

You'll go far longer between replacements too. Fluorescent tubes last, on average, just 12,000 hours, compared with the Eastrong LED luminaire that will last for 50,000 hours.

Finally, one important benefit is that all LED batten lights are chemical-free. This makes them safe to fit in schools, hospitals and factories. Additionally, because they contain no toxic waste they can be easily disposed of, with no need for special treatment as is the case when disposing of fluorescent tubes.

How to optimize your multistorey car park lighting

Good light levels and light distribution are vital to instilling a sense of personal safety in dark car parks and basement garages. They also make it easier to see road markings and other cars which helps to reduce accidents. Replacing the poor, dull, fluorescent and CFL lighting commonly found in parking areas with LED luminaires improves the user experience as well as reducing operational expenditure.

A 24/7, 365 days-a-year operation means a potential annual illumination requirement in excess of 8000 hours. So clearly optimum efficiency and a long lamp lifespan are key to reducing energy and maintenance costs.

On the face of it, utilizing substitute LED tubes in existing fittings may appear to be a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption. But the old polycarbonate fixtures often fail long before the LED tubes which simply results in doing the same job twice. Integrated fittings with an IP65 rating are also far better suited to operating in the typically damp, dirty conditions found car parks.

Furthermore, since LED light is instant and free from flicker, motion sensors and other lighting controls can be introduced to optimize energy usage, thus leading to even greater savings.

Choosing the ideal LED batten light for your needs

Eastrong LED batten is available in single and twin fixtures in a choice of three industry-standard lengths (1200, 1500 and 1800mm).

All can be surface mounted or suspended using stainless steel mounting or hanging fixing brackets. Cable entry points at both the rear and either side provide maximum flexibility. Options include both DALI and microwave sensors as well as emergency versions for all three operating systems.

All Eastrong LED battens are flicker-free and covered by a 5-year extended warranty.

Post time: Nov-23-2020